The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Annual Report must be submitted to the MPCA by June 30th of each calendar year, as required by PART IV.B of the MS4 General Permit.

In 2014, the MS4 Annual Report was reformatted to be an online questionnaire, accessible by a login username and password. You must click the 'Submit' button on the final page of the questionnaire to submit your responses to the MPCA. After you submit your MS4 Annual Report, please allow up to three business days to receive a confirmation email from the MPCA.

MS4 Annual Report for 2019

The MPCA plans to release the Annual Report in early February 2020. At this time, the login information will be sent to each MS4 General Contact. This email will be from the sender, "MPCA MS4 Permit Program" (, with the subject line, "MS4 Annual Report for 2019 - Login Information." Click the link in the email, or the appropriate link below, to access the login page for the MS4 Annual Report for 2019. If you are unable to find your login information, contact one of these MS4 staff.

If you have been assigned a Waste Load Allocation (WLA) in a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) that was approved by the USEPA prior to August 1, 2013, and were not meeting that WLA(s) at the time of your permit application, you must also fill out your TMDL Annual Report Form and upload it to the online questionnaire when prompted. Guidance for the TMDL Annual Report Form is available here.

New permittees (listed below) may use this link to access their login page.

New Permittee Name
Albertville City MS4
Bayport City MS4
Blue Earth County MS4
Buffalo-Red River Watershed District MS4
Eagle Lake City MS4
Hanover City MS4
Isanti City MS4
Lake City MS4
Mankato Township MS4
Minnesota Correctional Facility- Stillwater MS4
Minnesota State University- Mankato MS4
Morris City MS4
Oak Park Heights City MS4
Rogers City MS4
Skyline City MS4
South Bend Township MS4
St. Augusta City MS4
St. Francis City MS4
Thomson Township MS4
VA Medical Center MS4- St. Cloud
Wyoming City MS4

All other permittees may use this link to access their login page.

View all possible annual report questions

For your convenience, you may view a complete list of questions for the MS4 Annual Report for 2019. As you complete the online questionnaire, you may not see all of the questions listed here.

File:MS4 question worksheet for 2019 annual report.docx

Saving a copy of your annual report

See the page Guidance for saving MS4 annual reports

Questions about the annual report?

Contact Cole Landgraf (, 651-757-2880).

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