The construction stormwater general permit issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will expire August 1, 2018. The draft construction stormwater permit and associated fact sheet have been placed on public notice for a 30-day comment period. More information on the public notice, submitting comments, requests or petitions can be found in the Fact Sheet document provided below.

File:Fact Sheet.docx

Public notice period

Public Notice start: April 10, 2018

Public Notice end: May 23, 2018, 4:30 p.m. This date has been extended

Public informational meeting

On April 17, 2018 the MPCA hosted a public informational meeting via webinar. During the meeting MPCA staff presented the changes proposed in the draft permit as listed in the guide to permit changes document and answered questions.

To see a recording of the April 17, 2018 meeting (audio starts at 0:58), click on this link

To view the slides used for the meeting, click on this link

If you have questions on the draft permit

The MPCA invites commenters to ask questions during the comment period to further clarify the intent of any draft permit language. All questions submitted and staff responses will be posted on a separate page.

Note: All formal public comments must be submitted according to the instructions found in the fact sheet for the permit.

Submit questions here:

View questions submitted and staff responses

Access draft permit and supporting documents

The format of the permit has changed considerably. Due to the change in format, a traditional red lined version of the permit is not possible. Therefore, the MPCA is providing a document titled: Guide to Permit Changes. This document lists all changes in permit language that result in a change of policy, meaning or expectation. The list is also included with the Fact Sheet as Attachment A. Many of the permit provisions were re-written, combined or split apart without changing the policy, meaning or expectation and are not included in the Guide to Permit Changes.

File:Draft Permit.docx

File:Guide to Permit Changes.pdf

An updated version of the MPCA's special and impaired waters search tool is now available. The information regarding specific waters has been updated to reflect the draft permit language and also can be used to find the emergency response areas and areas of high or very high vulnerability within a drinking water supply management area.

The draft permit refers readers to the MN stormwater manual in the infiltration section regarding prohibitions on contaminated properties (item 16.15). A page has been created to guide users through this requirement: Stormwater Infiltration and soil/groundwater contamination: A guide to the Construction Stormwater Permit requirements

The MPCA has also created a manual page to display the permit language along with links to additional guidance, rule references and any helpful information regarding permit requirements. The MPCA intends to maintain this page and add additional information in the future. 2018 CSW Permit.

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