Current manual (web version)

The list of people involved in development and review of the Manual website is extensive. It includes dozens of people not listed below. Thank you to everyone that contributed to development of this website.

Website development

  • Jason Ewert, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • Xin Jing, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • John Abbott, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • David Anderson, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • Rick Newquist, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • John Kohlhase, W.A. Fisher
  • Joe Philips, W.A. Fisher
  • Dan McLean, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Management support

  • Marni Karnowski, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Beth Lockwood, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Rick Newquist, Minnesota Information and Technology
  • Ryan Anderson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Brian Livingston, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Website editors

  • Paul Leegard, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Claudia Hochstein, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Paul Andre, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Mike Trojan, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


  • Mary Davy, No Stress Gardening
  • Sharon Doucette, City of Woodbury
  • Andrea Hendrickson, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Karen Jensen, Metropolitan Council
  • Douglas Snyder, Mississippi Watershed Mmanagement Organization
  • Anne Gelbmann, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Original Manual development

The Minnesota Stormwater Steering Committee had its genesis in the Stormwater Design Team, which began its activities in September 2003. Discussion within this team led to the recognition that a state-sponsored stormwater manual was needed to provide guidance for the many practitioners trying to make their way through a complicated stormwater management program in the state.

The Stormwater Design Team evolved into the Minnesota Stormwater Steering Committee, which initiated the production of this Minnesota Stormwater Manual. Preparation of the manual was guided by the committee’s Manual Subcommittee. The following individuals were involved in the initiation, preparation, or review of this document:

State of Minnesota Authorized Representative

  • Brian Livingston, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Stormwater Coordinator

Manual Subcommittee (in frequent attendance)

  • Jack Frost, subcommittee co-chair, Metropolitan Council
  • Judy Sventek, subcommittee co-chair, Metropolitan Council
  • John Chapman, University of Minnesota
  • Roger Clay, Earth Tech/Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Colvin, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Brad Erickson, Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • Colleen Erickson, Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • Mike Findorff, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Lou Flynn, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Andrea Hendrickson, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
  • Don Jakes, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Steve Klein, Barr Engineering
  • Peter Leete, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources and Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Liaison
  • Brian Mundstock, Sunde Engineering/Builders Association of the Twin Cities
  • Paul Nelson, HDR/Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Jay Riggs, Washington County SWCD
  • Joel Schilling, Schilling Consultant Services
  • Dwayne Stenlund, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
  • Dale Thompson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Brett Troyer, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
  • Bruce Wilson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Copy Editor

  • Daniel McLean, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Consultant Team Managers

  • Gary Oberts, project manager, Emmons and Olivier Resources (EOR)
  • Tom Schueler, manager, Center for Watershed Protection (CWP)

Emmons and Olivier Resources, Inc.

  • Brad Aldrich
  • Kevin Biehn, R.L.A., CPESC
  • Kent Brander
  • Christa Bren
  • Camilla Correll, P.E.
  • Amy Finseth
  • Jonathan Hoekenga
  • Kristen Larson
  • Jay Michels, CPESC
  • Tom Miller
  • Beth Nixon, P.W.S.
  • Cecilio Olivier, P.E.
  • Jennifer Olson, P.G.
  • Joel Peterson, Ph.D.
  • Jodi Polzin, P.E.
  • Sheila Sahu, P.E.
  • Shannon Skally
  • Lisa Tilman

Center for Watershed Protection

  • Ted Brown, P.E.
  • Sally Hoyt
  • Jennifer Zielinski, P.E.

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