Information: The following people contributed to these updates. Note these represent the positions of these people at the time of the Stormwater Manual update and we do not update this information.

In addition to the following people who worked directly on updates to the stormwater manual/wiki, we would like to thank everyone who contributed data and information on iron enhanced sand filters (IESFs) or participated in meetings to discuss and share information on IESFs.


  • Andrew Erickson: Ph.D.., P.E., University of Minnesota
  • John Gulliver: Ph.D., P.E., University of Minnesota
  • Alan Leak: P.E., RESPEC
  • Paul Marston: CFM RESPEC
  • Lee Rosen: P.E., CFM, Project Manager for RESPEC
  • Katy Thompson, PE, CFM, Project Manager for RESPEC
  • Jenna Lohmann, PE, RESPEC

Technical support workgroup

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Linnea Savereide Mike Trojan, Ph.D., Hydrologist