The following people contributed to the material contained in the webpages comprising the green roofs section of the Manual.

Kestrel Design Group and contract team

  • Nathalie Shanstrom (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Peter MacDonagh (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Andrea Wedul (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Sarah Sutherland (Kestrel Design Group)
  • Dr. William Hunt, PE (North Carolina State University)
  • Ryan Winston, PE (North Carolina State University)
  • James Urban (Urban Trees and Soil)
  • Dwayne Stenlund (Minnesota Department of Transportation)
  • Qingfu Xiao, (University of California, Davis)
  • Joe Purohit (Ecolayers, Inc.)
  • Greg McPherson (United States Forest Service)

Technical support team

  • Mary Davy (No Stress Gardening)
  • Lois Eberhart (City of Minneapolis)
  • Ken Holman (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
  • Jill Johnson (United States Forest Service)
  • Dr. Gary Johnson (University of Minnesota)
  • Randy Neprash, P.E. (Stormwater regulatory Specialist, Stantec Consulting and Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition)
  • Tim Power (Government Affairs Director, Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency staff

  • Mike Trojan
  • Anne Gelbmann
  • Mike Findorff
  • Todd Smith