Advantages and disadvantages of above- or below-ground tanks and stormwater ponds
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Type of storage system Advantages Disadvantages
Open systems (e.g. ponds)
  • Low capital costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Provide stormwater treatment
  • Can utilize existing stormwater ponds
  • Public safety concerns if not fenced
  • Habitat for mosquito breeding
  • Loss to evaporation
Below-ground, closed systems
  • Concealed from view
  • Do not consume above-ground space
  • Can be freeze protected
  • Greater capital costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Require stronger structure in traffic areas
  • Require pumping
  • Access can be difficult
Above-ground, closed systems
  • Moderate capital costs
  • Moderate maintenance costs
  • Can be gravity fed
  • Aesthetic concerns
  • More susceptible to weather conditions than below-ground systems (UV, freezing)

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