This page contains interesting stories about permeable pavement. If you have a good story, send us a link using the Comment box and we will consider including it on this page.

There are hundreds of permeable pavement applications in Minnesota. Examples will be updated as more information is gathered. For now, here are a few examples:

  • The City of Shoreview has 5 permeable pavement installations. The Dale Street Alley has 12 foot wide pervious concrete; the intersection near Shamrock Park has porous asphalt; the Woodbridge Neighborhood has pervious concrete; the public works facility has pervious concrete and the Oakridge Avenue project uses a 20 foot wide permeable concrete block system (PaveDrain). For information on any of these projects, contact Shoreview City Public Works Director, Mark Maloney at The City of Shoreview has additional information about permeable roadways on their web site.
  • Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District office has 2 permeable pavement installations. Porous asphalt was installed at the District Office in 2005. For details about this application, go to the Watershed District's web site. Additionally, in 2014, the District installed a PaveDrain system on an acquired portion of their existing property. PaveDrain permeable pavers are a relatively new product and the District was interested in using them as a demonstration project.
photo of pave drain
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