Comparison of Bathymetric Survey Methods
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Pollutant Removal Assessment Strategy Description Relative accuracy Relative cost
Grid Survey - Relative Depth Measuring relative depths along an X,Y grid of points or at monitored GPS locations. This method relies on determining the water surface elevation on the day of survey, either through a known benchmark or known pond outlet elevation. Low Low
Grid Survey - Total Station (TS), Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Survey Similar to "relative depth" method, but utilizes TS or RTK survey to measure pond depths directly Medium/high1 Medium/high1
Continuous survey - sonar Continuous monitoring of pond depth using sonar. Many "fish finder" style sonar devices can be used for this application. Collected data can be sent to cloud processing companies to develop bathymetric volumes directly form collected data Medium/high2 High

1Accuracy dependent on number of points collected, and cost dependent on if MS4 owns and has trained staff to operate TS/RTK survey equipment.
2Accuracy dependent on pond depth and vegetation (lower accuracy if less than 2 feet deep and/or highly vegetated

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