Costs to dump unscreened solid waste at landfills
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Cost to dump solid waste at a landfill Location Source
$21.95/ton Bloomington, Minnesota Jack Distel, City of Bloomington, personal communication, November 2022
$71/ton (for trash/debris that does not pass through the screener)a St. Cloud, Minnesota Tom Zabinski, City St. Cloud, personal communication, November 2022
$65/ton (plus fees) for separated garbage/debris St. Anthony, MInnesota Zach Lundberg, City of St. Anthony Village, personal communication, October 2022
$10/ton Lakeville, Minnesota 2021 MPCA Case Study interview
$28.57/tonb Portland, Oregon NASM (2010)
$68.93/tonc $185.83/tonb (for waste from outside the solid waste management area [e.g., waste generated in another county]) St. Louis County, Minnesota St. Louis County, MN - 2022 Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Fees (tipping fees)
$145/ton (contract price) $161.96/ton (non-contract price) Ottertail County, Minnesota Ottertail County, MN 2022 Solid Waste Fee Schedule
$85/tond Delaware Delaware Solid Waste Authority 2022 User Fees for Solid Waste
$12.99/ton Wisconsin Wisconsin DNR 2022 Solid Waste Tip Fees
$26/ton – $107/ton Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Landfill Tip Fees for Municipal Solid Waste in Wisconsin and Surrounding Counties (2019)
$27/ton Michigan Smith (2016)

a This cost does not include the city staff time to load trucks and drive to the landfill and fuel costs. Average truck hauling costs for city staff/trucks is $1,039 per truck (6 hours). Each truck averages about 9 tons per load to the landfill. On average, 40-50 tons per year of spoils are generated (Tom Zabinski, City of St. Cloud, personal communication, November 2022)
b This value is based on the collection of about 25,000 cubic yards of street sweeping waste each year (in 2010). The total cost of $1 million included transportation and disposal of the material at a landfill. 25,000 cubic yards were converted to tons (35,000 tons) to determine cost per ton.
c This is the total cost with state tax and county surcharge.
d Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) accepts municipal solid waste from DSWA licensed collection vehicles at all transfer stations in the state.

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