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MS4 staff being trained on illicit discharge ordinance requirements

Employee Training

A training program for employees and municipal staff is required by the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) General Permit and provides staff the context and understanding of why stormwater management is important to your community. The training program must train staff commensurate with their job duties (MS4 General Permit Part III.D.6.g.). All staff that are involved in implementing aspects of the stormwater pollution prevention program (SWPPP) must be trained on the importance of protecting water quality and any MS4 General Permit requirements that are applicable to them (MS4 General Permit Part III.D.6.g.(1)&(2)). For all field staff, even part-time or temporary/seasonal employees, this means being trained to recognize and report illicit discharges to the MS4 (MS4 General Permit Part III.D.3.e.). Other examples of staff who need to be trained include construction site inspectors on how to conduct construction site inspections to evaluate for compliance with your construction site stormwater runoff control regulatory mechanism and site plan reviewers on how to conduct a site plan review to ensure the proposed construction activities suggest using proper sediment, erosion, and waste controls and appropriate post-construction stormwater management best management practices (BMPs).

In addition, the training program must include a schedule that establishes initial training for new and/or seasonal employees, and recurring training intervals for existing employees to address changes in procedures, practices, techniques, or requirements.

As part of the training program permittees must document the following: employee stormwater management training events, including a list of topics covered, names of employees in attendance, and date of each training event.


Employee training tools

Documentation and tracking resources

Training schedule