Example goals and objectives when planning green infrastructure. Also see Multiple benefits of green stormwater infrastructure.
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Example goals Example objectives
Improve water quality, especially in areas with impaired or polluted waterways Install GSI upland of waterways

Preserve buffer zones around waterways

Alleviate recurring local flooding issues Install infiltration-based GSI.

Reduce imperviousness through GSI

“Green” highly impervious or urban areas to reduce the urban heat island effect Increase tree canopy

Reduce imperviousness through vegetation-based GSI practices like bioretention practice

Provide a neighborhood or community amenity Incorporate GSI as part of a larger neighborhood amenity like a pocket park or playground
Increase biodiversity and native habitat Use native vegetation as part of a GSI project
Address socio-environmental issues in the community Incorporate GSI as part of an overarching strategy to address socio-environmental concerns
Reduce costs and/or increasing effectiveness of stormwater management Select stormwater practices that are most cost cost effective (e.g. have lowest cost per unit of pllutant reduced)

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