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Fact sheets have been developed for most of the BMPs included in the Manual. Existing fact sheets are shown in the Contents below. The BMPs are roughly ordered by their position in the treatment train. Fact sheets typically contain the following information for a specific BMP:

  • definition
  • description
  • benefits and limitations
  • a summary of design criteria
  • pollutant removal mechanisms
  • removal efficiencies for TSS and total phosphorus
  • management suitability, and
  • a summary of site factors for stormwater ponds.

Civic engagement

Pollution prevention

Better site design

Re-Use and rainwater harvesting

Temporary construction erosion and sediment control

Street sweeping

Green roofs


Permeable pavement

Infiltration, including bioinfiltration

Filtration, including biofiltration

Stormwater ponds

File:Pond fact sheet 1.jpg File:Pond fact sheet 2.jpg

Stormwater wetlands

Hydrodynamic devices

Chemical treatment