Federal and State Stormwater Related Permits.
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Permit Title Regulatory Agenc Enforcement Authority Implementation Authority Applicability Stormwater Regulated Activities
NPDES/SDS Construction Site Permit (Phase II) MPCA MPCA USEPA USEPA - Clean Water Act M.S. 115.01- 115.09 Mn. Rules 7090 Applies to all construction disturbing one or more acres of land, areas less than one acre if that activity is part of a “larger common plan of development or sale” that is greater than one acre, and MPCA designated construction activities disturbing less than one acre that have the potential for contribution to a violation of a water quality standard or for significant contribution of pollutants to water resources Stormwater discharge associated with road building, landscaping, clearing, grading, excavation, and construction of homes, office buildings, industrial parks, landfills and airports.
NPDES/SDS Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit (Phase II) MPCA MPCA USEPA USEPA - Clean Water Act M.S. 115.01- 115.09 Mn. Rules 7001 and 7090 Applies to municipal separate storm sewer systems located in state and federal designated areas. On going site management and maintenance activities. Site management must include at a minimum the Six Minimum Control Measures: 1. public education and outreach, 2. public participation and involvement, 3. illicit discharge detection and elimination, 4. construction site storm water runoff control, 5. post construction storm water management, and 6. pollution prevention / good house keeping.