Information: This page is for guidance related to the TMDL Annual Reporting Form for the 2013 General Permit.

TMDL permit submittal form

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permittees are required to submitt a TMDL form with their MS4 Stormwater Pollution Prevention program (SWPPP) document

TMDL reporting form

Forms are available for upload at the first page linked below.

  1. Download page with TMDL forms
  2. Guidance for completing the TMDL reporting form
    1. Quick Guide: BMP-Activities completed tab
    2. Quick Guide: Cumulative reductions tab
  3. Examples for completing the TMDL reporting form
  4. Additional resources for completing the TMDL form
  5. Guidance and examples for using the MPCA Estimator
    1. Quick Guide: MPCA Estimator tab
  6. FAQs on TMDL reporting form
  7. Baseline year

List of applicable WLAs for regulated MS4s

MPCA compiled a list of applicable WLAs for regulated MS4s for the 2013 Municipal stormwater General Permit. File:UpdatedWLAmasterlist.xlsx

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Guidance documents

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