General MPCA Simple Estimator result QAQC list
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QAQC / Review item Related MIDS Calculator Output
Confirm total watershed area is correct Review land use-based area assigned in the "total load" table
Confirm annual precipitation totals are correct Review annual rainfall values in column G and confirm all are the same value
Review watershed pollutant concentrations Compare watershed areal loading values in the "total load" table to literature values in Table 9
Review watershed routing to BMPs Review land use-based area assigned to each BMP type
Confirm only the directly-contributing watershed area is applied for each BMP The area assigned to a given BMP should be only the directly-contributing watershed area and should NOT include area tributary to other BMPs upstream
Review TSS/TP removal rates Compare pollutant removal values to literature values. Note: percent load reduction shown for each BMP type is calculated based on the total watershed loading
Review BMP sizing recommendations and review contributing watershed area Bypass from undersized BMPs is not calculated. For this reason, only the area for which the BMP is correctly-sized should be modeled to the BMP (the remainder should be modeled as untreated).

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