General inspection and maintenance guidelines for stormwater harvest and use systems
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Component Timeframe What to look for during Inspection Maintenance 1
Source Area/Collection Surface Annually Changes in land use or land disturbance Implement source control BMPs as needed to help meet pre-storage water quality targets
Pollution hot spots
Damage to roofing materials Repair as needed
Overhanging branches Trim overhanging branches
Nests or other evidence of animal activity Remove nests and implement additional measures to discourage animal activity
Monthly or as needed General condition of pavement Adjust street sweeping schedule as needed to maintain clean pavement
Collection System Spring startup and fall General condition of gutters, downspouts, and conveyances Clean accumulated debris in fall prior to winter operations or seasonal shut-down, and as needed.
Debris clogging inlets, gutters, downspouts, and other conveyances
Evidence of leaks at junctions or along conveyances
After large storms General condition of first flush and high-flow diverters (bypass system) Repair as needed
Soil erosion or flooding along diversion flow pathways Provide appropriate erosion control measures (rip rap, check dams, etc.)
Storage System Spring start up General condition of all storage system components Clean, repair and replace as needed
Position and function of valves Test per manufacturer’s guidelines
Function of operational structures and controls
Periodically following startup Tank ventilation Clean, repair and replace as needed
Excess soil moisture near tanks or other evidence of leaks Repair leaks per manufacturer’s guidance
Growth of algae or microbes Drain and clean tank per manufacturer’s guidelines
Intrusion of mosquitos or small animals Implement appropriate pest control as needed
Monthly Sediment level in tank or pond Remove sediment when the tank sediment storage volume has reached 50% of capacity
Treatment Systems Spring startup General condition and function of all treatment system components Conduct testing per manufacturer’s guidance

Clean and repair as needed

Twice per year Clogging from accumulated dirt and debris in pre-storage treatment components Clean as needed
Evidence of leaks from loose fittings, joints Repair as needed
3 times per year AND after each rain event that exceeds the design capacity of the collection system Clogging of intake and filters in first flush diverters, especially during pollen season (filter clogging) lean and replace as needed
Monthly or as required Performance of water treatment system Test water quality at point of use and at other points in the system (outlet of collection system, in-tank) as required
Adjust treatment parameters to meet any water quality deficiencies
Per manufacturer specifications and as needed Condition of replaceable components in the treatment systems (filters, cartridges, bulbs, etc.) Replace/repair per manufacture’s guidelines and as needed. Typical UV treatment is annual and filters are started on a quarterly basis or when differential pressure drops.
Distribution System Spring startup and fall General condition of all distribution system components Repair/replace as needed
Position and function of valves Test per manufacturer's guidelines
Function of operational controls
Presence of leaks (test)
Function and performance of pump Complete all startup inspection and operations per manufacturer’s guidelines
Monthly Presence of biofilms or sediment accumulation on filters Replace/disinfect as needed
Per manufacturer and as needed Function of pumps and other control equipment Test all control components per manufacturer's guidelines or as needed to diagnose problems in the system
Overflow/Bypass Systems Annual (above-ground)/ As needed (below-ground) Clogging or damage at overflow/bypass intakes Clean and repair as needed
Erosion of downstream receiving area Stabilize erosion, repair overflow system as needed, check for failures in other upstream components
Proper pump control and operation Repair and replace as needed

1See also decommissioning and winter maintenance tasks

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