NOTE THIS TABLE IS DRAFT. Relative ratings of green infrastructure benefits of stormwater practices1.
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Benefit Bioretention and infiltration Tree trench and tree box Green roof Vegetated swale Vegetated filter strip Permeable pavement Constructed wetland Rainwater harvesting
Water quality2
Water quantity/supply2
Energy savings
Climate resiliency
Air quality
Habitat improvement
Community livability
Health benefits
Economic savings
Macroscale benefits
Level of benefit: ◯ - none; ; - small; - moderate; - large; - very large

1The ratings are based on "best" practices scenario, where a practice has been properly designed, constructed, and maintained. For vegetated practices, it is generally assumed native perennial vegetation is used. 2 Benefits assume there is no underdrain. If an underdrain is present, the benefit will be reduced.

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