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===12.8 Compliance schedule BMPs tab===
===12.8 Compliance schedule BMPs tab===
===12.10 Reductions for WLAs met tab===
===12.10 Reductions for WLAs met tab===

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This page provides guidance for completing the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Application Form. Completing and submitting this form is a requirement for permittees who have Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Wasteload Allocations (WLAs) for total phosphorus, total suspended solids, oxygen demand, or nitrate.

Description of the form

Information tab

Applicable WLAs determination tab

12.8 Compliance schedule tab


12.8 Compliance schedule BMPs tab


12.10 Reductions for WLAs met tab

12.10 BMPs for WLAs met tab

Master list tab


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