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Welcome to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's (MPCA) industrial stormwater (ISW) Digital Document Library (DDL). The ISW DDL is a space for staff of industrial facilities to share example documents that are being used to implement best management practices (BMPs) or protect stormwater from pollutants. All documents in the ISW are free for anyone to use. Just download a document you're interested in, tailor it to your facility, and begin improving water quality at your facility. In the ISW DDL, you'll find inspection and checklists and forms, site plan review checklists, documentation tracking mechanisms, standard operating procedures, and many more useful materials to help you implement your stormwater management program.

We believe that having example documents will reduce the resources (staff time, financial, etc.) required to implement effective stormwater programs

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If you have documents that you would like to submit to the Digital Document Library, please contact Melissa Wenzel at Melissa.Wenzel@state.mn.us.