Information: This page contains the following maps showing Minnesota's impaired waters:
  • Minnesota impaired streams 2016 proposed. For more information see [1] or [2]
  • Minnesota impaired lakes 2016 proposed. For more information see[3] or [4]
  • Minnesota impaired lakes 2016 proposed non mercury. For more information see[5] or [6]

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency maintains a website called Minnesota's impaired waters and TMDLs - Impaired waters viewer (IWAV) This site contains the following:

  • the Impaired Waters Viewer (IWAV), which is an interactive map that allows users to find specific impaired waters in Minnesota. Clicking on a specific impaired water in the interactive map allows the user to view information about that impairment and provides access to reports and water quality monitoring data.
  • shapefiles for 2014 assessed waters;
  • shapefiles for TMDL/WRAPS project boundaries; and
  • archived maps of impaired waters.

Maps may also be found for individual TMDL projects.

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