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=='''Program contact information:'''==
=='''Program contact information:'''==
* Email: iswprogram.pca@state.mn.us
* Email   [mailto:iswprogram.pca@state.mn.us program staff]
* Call the stormwater hotline: 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804 (non-metro only)
* Call the stormwater hotline: 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804 (non-metro only)
* Engineering questions Brian Schweiss, 651-757-2709
* Engineering questions [mailto:brian.schweiss@state.mn.us Brian Schweiss], 651-757-2709
* Fees contact: fees.pca@state.mn.us
* Fees: email [mailto:fees.pca@state.mn.us fees program]
* Contact program staff: David Bodovinitz, 507-206-2654, Melissa Wenzel, 651-757-2816, Mary West, 651-757-2818
* Contact program staff: [mailto:david.bodovinitz David Bodovinitz], 507-206-2654, [mailto:melissa.wenzel@state.mn.us Melissa Wenzel], 651-757-2816, [mailto:mary.west@state.mn.us Mary West], 651-757-2818
* Report a facility with compliance problems by using the [https://www.pca.state.mn.us/about-mpca/citizen-complaints Online Citizen Complaint form].
* Report a facility with compliance problems by using the [https://www.pca.state.mn.us/about-mpca/citizen-complaints Online Citizen Complaint form].

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Industrial Stormwater Permit Information

Visit the Stormwater program for industrial activity webpage to learn about the latest requirements, training workshop information, permit reissuance details and more!

Industrial Stormwater Digital Document Library Digital Document Library

**NEW!** The Industrial Stormwater Digital Document Library provides guidance to help industrial stormwater facility staff meet the requirements of the industrial stormwater permit and assist with overall stormwater management. In addition to general guidance documents, the Digital Document Library has example documents that stormwater staff are using to manage their stormwater discharges. Common examples of documents in the library include:

  • inspection and checklists and forms
  • site plan review checklists
  • guidance documents & resources
  • standard operating procedures

All documents in the Digital Document Library are available for all site users to download and use. MPCA staff tries to ensure their compliance with the industrial stormwater prior to posting in the Digital Document Library Be sure to read the industrial stormwater permit to ensure you are in compliance with the permit requirements.

Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access

Use this database to find detailed facility information about industrial stormwater facilities, including basic compliance information.

Industrial Stormwater Steps to Compliance

Industrial Stormwater e-Newsletters

June 2018 Industrial Stormwater News

  • Featured article: Industrial stormwater training workshop just announced!
  • Grant assistance for installing stormwater Best Management Practices
  • Digital Document Libraries: new water tools to help you!
  • MPCA updates wastewater web pages
  • You can make a difference in our water quality, at work AND at home!
  • Coal tar sealant ban
  • National industrial stormwater updates
  • Keeping your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan updated

March 2018 Industrial Stormwater News

  • 2020 permit reissuance: dates and updates
  • New industrial stormwater workshop!
  • New staff to the industrial stormwater program:
  • From the manager’s desk: what does 25 years of collaboration and cooperation look like?
  • Sampling requirements: are you finished with monitoring?
  • Annual Report deadline reminder

January 2018 Industrial Stormwater News

  • 2017 annual reports are available!
  • Register now for an upcoming industrial stormwater training workshop
  • Maximizing stormwater BMPs for phosphorus removal webinar

Other helpful information:

Technical guidance and information

Program contact information: