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Industrial Stormwater Permit Information

Stormwater program for industrial activity webpage

2017-2018 seasonal information: Be sure to clean up any excess salt and sand you spread at your facility during the winter. Salt is effective only when the temperature is above 15 degrees; use sand for traction during cold weather events. Check out MPCA’s “Winter parking lot and sidewalk maintenance manual” for more info.

Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access: Use this database to find detailed facility information about industrial stormwater facilities, including basic compliance information.

Industrial Stormwater e-Newsletters

  • October 2017
    • Industrial stormwater training opportunity!
    • New facility contacts? Let us know!
    • Stormwater improvements: Success stories wanted
  • September 2017
    • Featured article: How's the water?
    • Breweries and distilleries: Do you need permit coverage?
    • Hennepin County hazardous waste inspectors helping businesses, Minnesota’s waters
    • MPCA permit file reviews: A compliance check
    • Tips and tricks to manage winter salt storage and save money
  • June 2017
    • Mark your calendars for the next industrial stormwater training session!
    • Overdue sampling forms: Lessons learned for permittees
    • Sampling form communication, tools
    • U of M’s Erosion and Stormwater Management Certification Program is now on Facebook and Twitter!
    • Monthly visual inspection: Tips for rain event inspections
    • We want to hear from you!

Other helpful information:

Technical guidance and information

Fact sheets

Program contact information:

  • Email: iswprogram.pca@state.mn.us
  • Call the stormwater hotline: 651-757-2119 or 800-657-3804 (non-metro only)
  • Engineering questions Brian Schweiss, 651-757-2709
  • Fees contact: fees.pca@state.mn.us
  • Contact program staff: David Bodovinitz, 507-206-2654, Melissa Wenzel, 651-757-2816, Mary West, 651-757-2818
  • Report a facility with compliance problems by using the Online Citizen Complaint form.

Industrial Stormwater (ISW) Digital Document Library

The ISW Digital Document Library provides guidance to help staff of industrial facilities that have the potential to impact stormwater meet requirements in the Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activity or assist with overall stormwater management. In addition to general guidance documents, the ISW Digital Document Library has example documents that staff are using to implement best management practices (BMPs) and protect stormwater. Common examples of documents in the ISW Digital Document Library include:

  • inspection and checklists and forms,
  • site plan review checklists,
  • documentation tracking mechanisms, or
  • standard operating procedures.

All documents in the ISW Digital Document Library are available for all site users to download and use. Enjoy!