Infiltration Trench and infiltration basin - Construction inspection checklists.
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Site Status:
Construction Sequence Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Pre-Construction
Pre-construction meeting
Runoff diverted
Soil permeability verified
Groundwater / bedrock verified
Project benchmark established
Facility location staked out
Temporary erosion and sediment control established
2. Excavation
Size and location per plans
Side slopes stable
Depth adjusted to soil layer with specified soil type and permeability
Sub-soil not adjacent to excavation area and stabilized with vegetation and/ or silt fence
Stockpile location not adjacent to excavation area and stabilized with vegetation and/ or silt fence
3. Filter Fabric Placement
Fabric per specifications
Fabric per specifications
Placed per plan location
4. Aggregate Material
Size as specified
Clean / washed material
Placed properly
5. Observation Well
Pipe size per plans
Under-drain installed per plans
Inlet installed per plans
Pre-treatment devices installed per plans
6. Vegetation
Complies with planting specifications
Topsoil complies with composition and placement in specifications
Permanent erosion control measures in place
7. Final Inspection
Dimensions per plans
Check dams operational
Inlet / outlet operational
Effective stand of vegetation and stabilization
Contributing watershed stabilized before flow is routed to the facility
Actions to be taken:

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