Infiltration basin - operation and maintenance checklist.
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Site Status:
Maintenance Item Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Debris Cleanout (Monthly)
Contributing areas clean of litter and vegetative debris
Trench surface clean
Inflow pipes clear
Overflow spillway clear
Inlet area cleanr
2. Sediment Traps or Forebays (Annual)
Obviously trapping sediment
Greater than 50% of storage volume remaining
3. Dewatering (Monthly)
4. Vegetation (Monthly)
Mowing done per O&M plan
Minimum mowing depth not exceeded
Undesirable vegetation removed
No evidence of erosion
Fertilized per O&M plan
5. Sediment Cleanout of Trench (Annual)
No evidence of sedimentation in gravel filter
Sediment accumulation doesn’t yet require cleanout
6. Sediment deposition of Basin (Annual)
Clean of sediment
Winter accumulation of sand removed each spring
Contributing drainage area stabilized and free of erosion
7. Inlets (Annual)
Good condition
No evidence of erosion
8. Outlet/Overflow Spillway (Annual)
Good condition, no need for repair
No evidence of erosion
9. Aggregate Repairs (Annual)
Surface of aggregate clean
Top layer of stone does not need replacement
Trench does not need rehabilitation
Actions to be taken:

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