Inspection action recommendations (Source (adapted): USEPA Stormwater Wet Pond and Wetland Management Guidebook (USEPA, 2019).
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Frequency Recommendation Inspection items
Monthly to Quarterly or After Major Storms (>1”)
  • Inspect low flow orifices and other pipes for clogging
  • Check the permanent pool or dry pond area for floating debris, undesirable vegetation
  • Investigate the shoreline for erosion
  • Look for broken signs, locks, and other dangerous items
Several Times per Hot/Warm Season Inspect stormwater ponds for possible mosquito production
Semi-annual to annual
  • Identify invasive plants
  • Ensure mechanical components are functional
Every 1 to 3 years
  • Complete all routine inspection items above
  • Inspect riser, barrel, and embankment for damage
  • Inspect all pipes
  • Monitor sediment deposition in facility and forebay
2 to 7 years Monitor sediment deposition in facility and forebay
5 to 25 years Remote television inspection of reverse slope pipes, underdrains, and other hard to access piping

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