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map of DWSMAs in Minnesota
Map illustrating location of Drinking Water Supply Management Areas (DWSMAs) in Minnesota.
schematic of MIDS flow chart
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Is the site located in a DWSMA (Drinking Water Supply Management Area), wellhead protection area, or within 200 feet of a drinking water well?




  • Are there zoning and land use requirements that make the Performance Goal not feasible?
    • Answer: No


  • Is BMP relocation feasible?
    • Answer: Yes


A drinking water supply management area (DWSMA) is the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) approved surface and subsurface area surrounding a public water supply well that completely contains the scientifically calculated wellhead protection area and is managed by the entity identified in a wellhead protection plan. The boundaries of the drinking water supply management area are delineated by identifiable physical features, landmarks or political and administrative boundaries.


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