Itemized stormwater harvest and use system component costs
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System System Component Cost Cost Recurrence
Materials Tanks 💲0.50/gallon for fiberglass to 💲4/gallon for wielded steel tank
Gutters 💲0.30/foot for vinyl/plastic to 💲6 - 12/foot for aluminum/galvalume
Annual maintenance (costs will be dependent on system size) Cartridge Filter 💲20-60 Filter must be changed regularly
Reverse Osmosis Filter 💲400-1,500 Change filter when clogged (depends on turbidity)
UV Light Disinfection 💲350-1,000; 💲80 to replace UV bulb Change UV bulb every 10,000 hours or 14 months
Ozone Disinfection 💲700-2,600; 💲1,200+ for in-line monitor to test effectiveness
Chlorine Disinfection 💲1/month manual dose or a 💲600-3,000 automatic self-dosing system