image of disconnection practice
Stormwater disconnection practice routing roof runoff to a perennial garden.

This page provides links to pages that address green infrastructure. We've particularly tried to identify pages that provide additional links to case studies, research work, and more.

General overview information

Websites with extensive information on green infrastructure

Green infrastructure manuals and guides

image of Delaware GI manual
Delaware's Green Infrastructure Primer, published in 2016, is an excellent source of information on green infrastructure.
  • Green Infrastructure Primer: State of Delaware, 2016 (52 pages)
  • Blue Green Solutions. A Systems Approach to Sustainable, Resilient and Cost-Efficient Urban Development: Bozovic, Ranko; Maksimovic, Čedo; Mijic, Ana; Smith, K.M.; Suter, Ivo; Van Reeuwijk, Maarten; 2017. "This guide presents an innovative framework to systematically unlock the multiple benefits of city natural infrastructure; thus producing resilient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. The framework is applicable at a building, neighbourhood and city-scale and is suitable both for new and retrofit developments."
  • Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide. Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program, Toronto and Region Conservation. "The guide was developed to provide engineers, ecologists and planners with up-to-date information and direction on landscape-based stormwater management planning and low impact development stormwater management practices".
  • Watershed Stewards Academy Rainscaping Manual. Watershed Stewards Academy. The goal of this manual is to provide a resource to design, install, and maintain Conservation Landscaping and stormwater management practices suited primarily to residential and small commercial or institutional properties.

Papers on green infrastructure and sustainable stormwater management

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