Regional Wet Sedimentation Basins.


When the entire water quality volume cannot be retained onsite, permittees can use or create regional wet sedimentation basins provided they are constructed basins, not a natural wetland or water body, (wetlands used as regional basins must be mitigated for, see Section 22). The owner must ensure the regional basin conforms to all requirements for a wet sedimentation basin as described in items 18.3 through 18.10 and must be large enough to account for the entire area that drains to the regional basin. Permittees must verify that the regional basin will discharge at no more than 5.66 cfs per acre of surface area of the basin and must provide a live storage volume of one inch times all the impervious area draining to the basin. Permittees cannot significantly degrade waterways between the project and the regional basin. The owner must obtain written authorization from the applicable LGU or private entity that owns and maintains the regional basin.