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Training Requirements.


Permittees must ensure all of the following individuals receive training and the content and extent of the training is commensurate with the individual's job duties and responsibilities with regard to activities covered under this permit:

a. Individuals preparing the SWPPP for the project.
b. Individuals overseeing implementation of, revising and/or amending the SWPPP and individuals performing inspections for the project. One of these individuals must be available for an onsite inspection within 72 hours upon request by the MPCA.
c. Individuals performing or supervising the installation, maintenance and repair of BMPs.


Permittees must ensure individuals identified in Section 21 receive training from local, state, federal agencies, professional organizations, or other entities with expertise in erosion prevention, sediment control, permanent stormwater treatment and the Minnesota NPDES/SDS Construction Stormwater permit. Permittees must ensure these individuals attend a refresher-training course every three (3) years.