A. Annual SWPPP Assessment

The permittee shall conduct an Annual Assessment of their SWPPP to determine program compliance, the appropriateness of BMPs, and progress towards achieving the measurable goals identified in their SWPPP document. The Annual SWPPP Assessment shall be performed prior to completion of each Annual Report.

B. Annual Reporting

The permittee shall submit an Annual Report to the Agency by June 30th of each calendar year. The Annual Report shall cover the portion of the previous calendar year during which the permittee was authorized to discharge stormwater under this permit. The Annual Report shall be submitted to the Agency, on a form provided by the Commissioner, that will at a minimum, consist of the following:

  1. The status of compliance with permit terms and conditions, including an assessment of the appropriateness of BMPs identified by the permittee and progress towards achieving the identified measurable goals for each of the MCMs in Part III.D.1-6. The assessment must be based on results of information collected and analyzed, including monitoring (if any), inspection findings, and public input received during the reporting period.
  2. The stormwater activities the permittee plans to undertake during the next reporting cycle
  3. A change in any identified BMPs or measurable goals for any of the MCMs in Part III.D.1-6
  4. Information required in Part III.E, to demonstrate progress in meeting applicable WLAs
  5. Information required to be recorded or documented in Part III
  6. A statement that the permittee is relying on a partnership(s) with another regulated Small MS4(s) to satisfy one or more permit requirements (if applicable), and what agreements the permittee has entered into in support of this effort

C. Record Keeping

  1. The permittee shall keep records required by the NPDES permit for at least three (3) years beyond the term of this permit. The permittee shall submit records to the Commissioner only if specifically asked to do so.
  2. The permittee shall make records, including components of the SWPPP, available to the public at reasonable times during regular business hours (see 40 CFR § 122.7 for confidentiality provision).
  3. The permittee shall retain copies of the permit application, all documentation necessary to comply with SWPPP requirements, all data and information used by the permittee to complete the application process, and any information developed as a requirement of this permit or as requested by the Commissioner, for a period of at least three (3) years beyond the date of permit expiration. This period is automatically extended during the course of an unresolved enforcement action regarding the small MS4 or as requested by the Commissioner.

D. Where to Submit

The permittee shall use an electronic submittal process, when provided by the Agency, when submitting information required by this permit. When submitting information electronically is not possible, the permittee may use the following mailing address:

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
Attn: WQ Submittals Center
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN 55155-4194

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