Erosion & Sediment Control Training

Developing erosion and sediment control training programs

Erosion and sedimentation is the natural process in which soil and rock material is weathered and carried away by wind, water or ice. Construction activities can increase erosion by removing vegetation, disturbing soil and exposing sediment to the elements. Eroded soil quickly becomes a sedimentation problem when wind and rain carry the soil off the construction site and sediment is deposited in surface waters.

Erosion and sediment control BMPs are necessary at all construction sites to keep soil onsite and prevent unnecessary water pollution. Training individuals responsible for installing, constructing, repairing, maintaining and/or inspecting erosion and sediment control measures and post-construction stormwater management practices at construction sites will result in properly designed, installed and maintained BMPs, improved compliance with permit regulations, and protecting water quality. This fact sheet provides guidance on developing erosion and sediment control training programs.

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