Maintenance costs for stormwater and rainwater harvest and use/reuse practices

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Maintenance costs will vary depending on the size of the practice and the type of rainwater harvest system (cistern or rainbarrel). Example costs are shown in the table below. Maintenance may be lower the first few years while parts are new, and more expensive in later years when components may need to be replaced.

Example Maintenance Costs
Activity Frequency Annual Cost Reference
Inspection, Reporting & Information Management Semi-Annually $260 2009 WERF
Roof Washing, Cleaning Inflow Filters Semi-Annually $480 2009 WERF
Intermittent System Maintenance (System flush, debris/sediment removal from tank) Every 3 years $130 2009 WERF
Pump Replacement Every 3 years $198 2009 WERF
Cartridge Filter Annually $20-60 MPCA Cost-Benefit Considerations
Reverse Osmosis Filter Annually $400-1,500 MPCA Cost-Benefit Considerations
UV Light Disinfection Every 10,000 hours or 14 months $350-1,000; $80 to replace UV bulb MPCA Cost-Benefit Considerations
Ozone Disinfection As needed $700-2,600; $1,200+ for in-line monitor to test effectiveness MPCA Cost-Benefit Considerations
Chlorine Disinfection Monthly $1/month manual dose or a $600-3,000 automatic self-dosing system MPCA Cost-Benefit Considerations