Kalinosky et al. (2013a) developed a guidance manual and workshop series on street sweeping best practices, as well as a spreadsheet calculator tool “for predicting sediment and nutrient loads to street surfaces in urban areas based on overhead tree canopy; estimating the amount of material that can be removed and the cost of removal in targeted sweeping operations; and designing sweeping programs to meet nutrient reduction goals.”

Inputs into the calculator include:

  • Timing and frequency of street sweeping event
  • Canopy cover along street sweeping route
  • Street sweeping cost per curb mile

Based on those simple inputs, the tool estimates nutrient recovery and cost per pound of P removed (Kalinosky et al. 2013b).

File:Spreadsheet Calc draft F7A.xlsm.xlsx

Information: The tools developed by Kalinowsky et al. will be useful for stormwater managers, but the tools have not undergone sufficient review to be used for determining water quality credits that can be applied to permit conditions, such as Total Maximum Daily Load Wasteload Allocations

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