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Coir and applications of coir in stormwater management


This page provides information on coir. While providing extensive information on coir, there is a section focused specifically on stormwater applications for coir.

Overview and description

image of coir fiber
A close-up view of coir fibre, by Fotokannan, licensed under CC CC BY-NC-SA

Coconut (Cocus nucifera L.) pith or coir, the mesocarp of the fruit, is a waste product that has potential benefits in growth media.

Coir dust is the spongy, peat like residue from the processing of coconut husks (mesocarp) for coir fibre. Also known as cocopeat, it consists of short fibres (<2cm) around 2% - 13% of the total and cork like particles ranging in size from granules to fine dust.

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