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A tour of the Minnesota Stormwater Manual content

This page provides an overview and tour of the content in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. The focus is on understanding content. There is other guidance on the manual wiki, including the following.

Types of information in the Manual

A good way to see the types of information in the Manual is to click on Index (Categories) in the left toolbar. Categories are a way of grouping links to pages that have a similar theme or subject matter. Visualizing the categories provides insight into the information in the Manual.

Some examples of the information in the Manual include the following.

  • Technical: The Manual mainly provides technical information to users. Examples include the following. The links following each item provide example pages in the Manual.
    • Design of best management practices (BMPs) [1]
    • Construction of BMPs [2]
    • Operation and maintenance of BMPs [3]
    • Assessment of BMP performance [4]
    • Models [5]
    • Pollutant information
  • General
  • Permit (Regulatory)
  • Case studies
  • Fact sheets
  • Checklists and inspection sheets
  • Cost information
  • Education

Images (photos, schematics, etc.)


Events, News, Funding

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