The following BMPs have helped many permittees. Consider these stormwater control measures to manage your industrial stormwater discharges:

picture of bobcat managing snow aftr a snow storm
Have a plan on place on how you're going to remove snow and ice without over-salting your parking lot and sidewalks. Not only does it harm the environment, it saves you money to anti-ice or manually remove snow and ice rather than over-salting. It saves wear and tear on your pavement, too!
Pollutant, activity or material Guidance & Suggestions
Total Suspended Solids from gravel parking lots
  • Replace it with a swath of rip rap
  • Replace it with washed gravel
  • Pave even part of the area
  • Berm the area before the discharges go offsite
  • Install/manage a pond and an infiltration system to allow the water to filter/settle before discharging offsite
  • Lower the grade to that area so the stormwater ponds before discharging off-site
  • Install/maintain a 4-6’ vegetative buffer strip. A prairie mix of vegetation is preferred though even sod will help
Scrap metal storage Michigan Scrap metal bins and roll off boxes
Concrete wash water discharges Concrete Washout Guidance
Road/surface dust management Dust Control Treatments for Roads and Surfaces
Surface washing Powerwashing and Other Water-based Blasting
Snow management

The following additional resources may help provide information on different BMPs for your facility:

Resource Helpful aspect of resource
EPA Industry Sector Notebooks Most Industrial Stormwater Sectors are listed; each notebook provides detailed information about processes, pollution prevention opportunities, and more.
Stormwater Best Management Practices in an Ultra-Urban Setting: Selection and Monitoring (US Department of Transportation) Many structural BMP ideas with diagrams, pollutant removal rates and design and cost considerations.
Portland Industrial Stormwater Best Management Practices Fact sheet series for more than a dozen specific industrial activities.
University of Minnesota Extension Service stormwater education program Information about training, manuals, and links to related water-quality programs.

Contact the MPCA for assistance

If you have reviewed this information and still need guidance on types of BMPs to implement, you may contact the program, which can provide you facility-specific suggestions. Contact the industrial stormwater program. Please put "facility-specific help" in the subject line.

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