Other water quality devices - system design information
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Device Drainage area Entrance/exit velocity Dimensions Materials Layout Recommendations (physical location, off-line placement) Enhancement opportunity Sizing calculations
SNOUT Same as catch basin Same as catch basin Variety of sizes and shapes fit most rectangular and round manholes [1] Existing manholes and sumped catch basins (sump depth must be >36 inches or 2.5 x outlet pipe diameter [2] Yes See Layout
Eliminator Same as catch basin Up to 2 cfs if Elimo-Filter used [3] 8, 10, 12, 15, and 18-inch sizes High Density Polyethylene Existing manholes and sumped catch basins Yes Generally larger than pipe diameter
Floatable boom Float height = 2-8 inches, Skirt/curtain = 8-16 ft, Section length 25-100 ft [4] Blocks of expanded polystyrene, PVC Calm to medium current water bodies downstream of nearshore construction zones, dredging, demolition [5] NO NA
Hood Same as catch basin Generally larger than pipe diameter

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