Overview of common plans that could inform or be developed during the GSI planning process at various different scales.
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Scale Planning type Planning description Minnesota-specific planning document
  • Master Plan
  • Growth Plan
  • Official Plan
Major themes and objectives for the municipality’s future growth are established, and challenges and opportunities for growth are identified, such as municipal policy direction for innovative SWM approaches and other climate change initiatives.
Community/subwatershed Secondary plan Major elements of the natural heritage system are identified

including terrestrial, aquatic and water resources (hydrology, hydrogeology, fluvial geomorphology, etc.). Stormwater management objectives for surface and groundwater resources. Future drainage boundaries, locations of stormwater management facilities and watercourse realignments are established.

Block plan The location of lots, roads, parks and open space blocks, natural heritage features and buffers, and stormwater management facilities are defined. A full range of opportunities to achieve stormwater management objectives are identified, establishing a template for the more detailed resolution of the design of stormwater management facilities at subsequent stages in the planning and design process.
Neighborhood Draft Plan of Subdivision/Functional Servicing Plan Conceptual design is carried out for stormwater management facilities. Consideration should be given to how stormwater management objectives can be achieved and how these objectives influence the location and configuration of each of the components listed above
Registered plan Detailed design is carried out for stormwater management facilities.
Site Site plan Site-specific opportunities are identified to integrate stormwater management facilities into all of the components of a development including landscaped areas, parking lots, rooftops, and subsurface infrastructure. Solutions should be considered in the context of the overall stormwater management strategy for the block or secondary plan area to ensure that functional requirements are achieved
Site Permits and other Approvals Plan Detailed design of SWM for the site

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