Information: We are expanding information on plants and vegetation on this website. We anticipate populating this gradually in the coming years. This information is subject to change as we build the websites.
Green Infrastructure: Vegetation is a fundamental component of green stormwater infrastructure practices. Vegetation provides numerous stormwater benefits, but also can provide additional benefits such as carbon sequestration, improved biological habitat, and aesthetic value.
photo of a rain garden planted with native vegetation
Example of a rain garden planted with native vegetation.

The Minnesota Stormwater Manual contains information on plants and vegetation, but this information is scattered in various places throughout the manual. Below is a framework we will be using to consolidate this information. At the bottom of this page you will find links to existing information on this website. Over time, the information on the existing pages will be incorporated into the framework shown below.

Vegetation overview

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Existing pages and information on plants and vegetation

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