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symbol for tree trench system-treebox with underdrain
Symbol used in the MIDS calculator to represent the tree trench system-tree box BMP with an underdrain. Note the symbol shows multiple trees since tree trench systems contain multiple trees.

For a tree trench system/box with an underdrain at the bottom, most of the stormwater captured by the BMP is lost to the underdrain. However, some stormwater infiltrates through the basin bottom and sidewalls if these do not have an impermeable liner. Evapotranspiration (ET) and interception also occur from the trees planted in the system. For a tree trench/box system with an elevated underdrain, in addition to volume losses through the sidewalls and through evapotranspiration and interception, a portion of the water stored in the media between the underdrain and the native soils is infiltrated. In a tree trench/box BMP with an underdrain, all pollutants in infiltrated water are removed, while pollutants are removed through filtration for the water that flows through an underdrain. All pollutants in water lost to ET and interception are removed.

The user should be aware of the difference between a tree trench system and a tree box.

  • Tree trench system is a BMP that includes multiple trees. This BMP is commonly used in areas where pavement overlies the trench system. Runoff from the impermeable surface or through a permeable pavement surface is delivered underground to the underlying media in which the trees are planted. This Manual includes case studies and a discussion of types of tree BMPs.
  • Tree box (also called soil box) typically includes a single tree. They are typically proprietary products or are included in bioretention BMPs. If a tree is included in a bioretention BMP, we recommend using the bioretention BMP in the MIDS calculator instead of this BMP.