Retrofit scenario BMP practice selection
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Practice Applicability Reason
Pollution prevention and public education X Public education is a project goal.
Source controls X The sources of pollutants include vegetation debris, litter, and build-up of contaminants from vehicular traffic. Sweeping, vegetation management and litter management are appropriate source controls
Infiltrators X Infiltration is possible in the poor-draining soils of the site
Swales and strips X Swales and strips may serve as a good form of pretreatment and conveyance to BMPs downstream in the treatment train.
Filters X Filter BMPs should have underdrains to control any runoff that cannot be managed by the poor-draining soils.
Constructed basins Too large considering the limited space available
Manufactured devices Underground systems will not meet the education goal of the project and are not considered.
Storage, harvesting and reuse X Stormwater storage for re-use will provide water to irrigate existing and planned landscape areas.

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