Retrofit scenario existing site conditions
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Site Recreation area with public building, parking areas, playgrounds, pathways, landscaped areas and (planned) public garden
Drainage Area 3.4 acres
Impervious Area 47%
Soil Conditions Hydrologic Soil Group ‘C’, fine sandy loam with low infiltration rates. Permeability ranges between 0.2 and 0.6 inches per hour at a depth of 3 feet. Bedrock was not observed in borings conducted on site.
Topography & Drainage There is an elevation drop of 10 feet from the northern to the southern boundary of the site, approximately 700 feet in length, with an overall slope of 7%. The portion of the site containing the impervious surfaces and proposed BMPs is relatively flat at approximately 1.5%.
Project Goals Public education, rate control, runoff volume reduction of 50%, TSS reduction of 50%, nutrient reduction of 50%.

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