AC. Electronic and Electrical Equipment and Components, Photographic and Optical Goods

1. Authorized Stormwater Discharges

The requirements in Sector AC apply to stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity from facilities that manufacture electronic and electrical equipment and components and photographic and optical goods as identified by the industrial activity code specified in Table 5 of Appendix D.

2. Industrial Activities Authorized by Sector AC

Permittees under Sector AC are primarily engaged in the following types of activities:

a. Manufacturing of measuring, analyzing, and controlling instruments, photographic and optical goods, watches and clocks.

b. Manufacturing of computer and office equipment.

c. Manufacturing of electronic and electrical equipment and components.

3. Limitations on Authorization (No Additional Limitations)

4. Sector-Specific Definitions (No Additional Definitions)

5. Stormwater Controls (No Additional Requirements)

6. SWPPP Requirements

In addition to the requirements of Part IV, the Permittee shall also comply with the following:

a. Facility Map.

The Permittee shall identify where any of the following may be exposed to stormwater:

1. Finished metal storage areas.

2. Scrap disposal collection sites.

3. Retention and detention basins.

4. Temporary and permanent diversion dikes or berms.

5. Right-of-way or perimeter diversion devices.

6. Sediment traps and barriers.

7. Processing areas, including outdoor painting areas.

8. Recycling areas.

b. Inventory of Exposed Materials (No additional requirements).

c. Potential Pollutants (No additional requirements).

d. Description of Stormwater Controls (No additional requirements).

7. Monitoring and Reporting Requirements In accordance with the monitoring requirements of Part V, the Permittee shall monitor the applicable parameters in Table AC-1, below:

Sector-Specific Benchmark Values and Effluent Limitations: Sector - S2: Discharges may be subject to requirements for more than one sector or subsector.
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Subsector Parameter Benchmark Values
AC1 Electronic, Electrical, Photographic, and Optical Goods Solids, Total Suspended (TSS) 100 mg/L 2
AC2 - Electronic & Electrical Equipment & Components, except Computers Solids, Total Suspended (TSS) 100 mg/L 2
Copper, Total (as Cu) 0.028 mg/L 1
Lead, Total (as Pb) 0.164 mg/L 1

1The benchmark values of some metals are influenced by water hardness. For these parameters, the Permittee may determine the hardness of the stormwater discharges to identify the applicable ‘hardness range’ for determining their benchmark value. See Table 4 of Appendix B for hardness dependent benchmark values in accordance with Minn. R. 7050.0222 and Minn. R. 7052.0100.
2If the Permittee is required to comply with [[APPENDIX A. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS#F. Additional Required BMPs|Appendix A, part F.1], the benchmark value for Solids, Total Suspended (TSS) is 65 mg/L, instead of 100 mg/L.

8. Use of Infiltration Devices and/or Industrial Stormwater Ponds for Stormwater Treatment and Disposal

Sector AC industrial facilities are authorized to use designed infiltration devices or industrial stormwater ponds for stormwater management.

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