concrete washout of a ready mix vehicle
Recover and recycle concrete mixing wash water back into the truck.

Sector E: Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum Products Manufacturing requirements, guidance and sampling exceedance suggestions:

MPCA Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum Products Manufacturing Sector-Specific Permit Requirements

EPA Pollutants and Control Measures Fact Sheet
EPA Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete, and Gypsum Product Manufacturing Fact Sheet
Pollutant-specific- exceedance Guidance & Suggestions


  • Dust suppression/management
  • Product/cutting management
  • Slurry management
  • If you cut concrete, manage the spray wastewater appropriately. Contaminated wastewater cannot be discharged to surface or to the ground.

EPA offers sector-specific fact sheets with BMP options. Sector E’s fact sheet highlights:

  • In general, incorporate better housekeeping techniques - Truck wheel contribution to offsite loss? Dry pond characteristics – may be able to tweak operations by deepening or increasing outlet. Dry ponds generally don’t treat particulates very well – easier to re-suspend.
  • Sketch on aerial photos to help identify key site operations, truck traffic and bulk handling areas, covered piles, washout zones, etc.
  • Move monitoring location, slope the land, or divert stormwater to an area where small structural BMPs can be installed. Monitor before stormwater moves into a culvert if the concern is that the culvert is leading to the higher TSS. Make pond/sedimentation system (2-celled system).

Do you have multiple facility locations? Consider getting the multi-site "Nonmetallic mining and associated activities" NPDES/SDS general permit instead. There are five basic steps for complying with these requirements:

  1. Applicability: do you need a permit?
  2. Apply for coverage: Permit information and forms
  3. Comply with the General Permit requirements
  4. Fill out the reporting forms
  5. Comply with other (non-MPCA) requirements

For more information, visit the Nonmetallic mining general permit website.

Sector # of Permittees # of NE Certifiers Total, as of 6-6-2018 Sector-Specific Trade Associations Contact General Industry Trade Associations Contact
Sector E

Facility coverage cards, cover letters, sampling forms, contact information and more can be found through the Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access tool.

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