Minnesota auto salvage yard, clean, well-maintained
A well-maintained auto salvage yard not only protects the environment, it saves a company time and money!

Sector M: Automobile Salvage Yards requirements, guidance and sampling exceedance suggestions:

MPCA Automobile Salvage Yards Sector-Specific Permit Requirements

EPA Pollutants and Control Measures Fact Sheet MPCA Guidance Other (non-MPCA) guidance
EPA fact sheet - Automobile salvage yards Auto recycling industry compliance guide
Pollutant-specific- exceedances Guidance & Suggestions
  • EPA Auto Salvage (specifically the “heavy metals” references)
  • Presuming the parking lots are paved, utilizing a street sweeper for the parking lot areas may help. Of the two generic types of street sweepers; one pushes debris away, and the other has some sort of filter (that can capture and filter out pollutants).
  • The MPCA Vehicle dismantling and salvage
  • The manual provides some BMP ideas to manage industrial activities related to failing parking lots, such as car hulls/parts storage, crushing and/or, sand-blasting activities, or other industry-specific reasons.
  • The Wisconsin DNR guidance suggests that to control high levels of iron and aluminum, solutions might include proprietary filters, bioretention, and sand filters. A large BMP, such as a wet pond, might need the addition of a polymer to attain a high level of iron control.
  • Washington state guidance includes a Metal/Vehicle Recyclers Manual. See page 24 for general BMPs, pages 29-31 for BMPs for crushing areas, part storing areas, and page 32 offers information about contaminated soils.
  • Other contacts include Dave Kendziorski with StormTech, 414-549-1578, or Peter Hughes with the USGS at 608-821-3833.
Sector # of Permittees # of NE Certifiers Total, as of 6-6-2018 Sector-Specific Trade Associations Contact General Industry Trade Associations Contact
Sector M

Facility coverage cards, cover letters, sampling forms, contact information and more can be found through the Industrial Stormwater Permit Information Access tool.

Clean, good example of what we want to see at an auto salvage yard
Indoor storage of waste and materials are one of the best stormwater practices
Another clean, good example of what we want to see at an auto salvage yard
A clean yard helps facilities work more efficiently

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