W. Furniture and Fixtures

1. Authorized Stormwater Discharges

The requirements in Sector W apply to stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity from furniture and fixtures facilities as identified by the industrial activity code specified in Table 5 of Appendix D.

2. Industrial Activities Authorized by Sector W

Permittees under Sector W are primarily engaged in the following types of activities:

a. Furniture and fixtures.

b. Wood kitchen cabinets.

3. Limitations on Authorization (No Additional Limitations)

4. Sector-Specific Definitions (No Additional Definitions)

5. Stormwater Controls (No Additional Requirements)

6. SWPPP Requirements (No Additional Requirements)

7. Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

In accordance with the monitoring requirements of Part V, the Permittee shall monitor the applicable parameters in Table W-1, below:

Sector-Specific Benchmark Values and Effluent Limitations: Sector - W: Discharges may be subject to requirements for more than one sector or subsector.
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Subsector Parameter Benchmark Value
W1 - Furniture and Fixtures Solids, Total Suspended (TSS) 100 mg/L 1

1If the Permittee is required to comply with Appendix A, part F.1, the benchmark value for Solids, Total Suspended (TSS) is 65 mg/L, instead of 100 mg/L.

8. Use of Infiltration Devices and/or Industrial Stormwater Ponds for Stormwater Treatment and Disposal

Sector W industrial facilities are authorized to use designed infiltration devices or industrial stormwater ponds for stormwater management. See Appendix C for requirements.

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