A. Application for Permit Reissuance

  1. The Permittee shall submit an application for reissuance at least 180 days before permit expiration. (Minn. R. 7001.0040, subp.3)
  2. If the Permittee has submitted a timely application for permit reissuance, the Permittee may continue to conduct the activities authorized by this permit, in compliance with the requirements of this permit, until the MPCA takes final action on the application, unless the MPCA determines one of the following:
    1. The Permittee is not in substantial compliance with the requirements of this permit, or with a stipulation agreement or compliance schedule designed to bring the Permittee into compliance with this permit.
    2. The MPCA, as a result of an action or failure to act by the Permittee, has been unable to take final action on the application on or before the expiration date of the permit.
    3. The Permittee has submitted an application with major deficiencies or has failed to properly supplement the application in a timely manner after being informed of deficiencies. (Minn. R. 7001.0160)
    4. If the Permittee does not intend to continue activities authorized by this permit after the expiration date of this permit, the Permittee shall notify the MPCA at least 180 days before the permit expiration.

B. Signature

The Application shall be signed in accordance with application forms provided by the Commissioner and shall include the following information:

  1. The street address, county, and the owner or person with operational control of the municipal separate storm sewer system for which the application is submitted; and
  2. The name, address, and telephone number of the person responsible for overall permit compliance.

C. Stormwater Management Program

The Permittee shall submit with an application for reissuance, a revised Stormwater Management Program including:

  1. The Best Management Practices (BMPs) that the Permittee will implement for each of the stormwater Minimum Control Measures at Part V.C of this permit;
  2. Specific measurable goals for each of the Minimum Control Measures, including, as appropriate, the months and years in which the Permittee will undertake required actions, including interim milestones and the frequency of the action, in narrative or numeric form, as appropriate;
  3. The identity of the person(s) responsible for implementing and/or coordinating each component of the Stormwater Management Program. This should be the person the MPCA contacts for the particular component; it may be the overall coordinator or other individual; and
  4. A revised monitoring and analysis program to meet requirements of Part V.C.7 of this permit.

D. Anti-degradation

The Permittee shall submit with an application for reissuance, data and information requested by the Commissioner for an anti-degradation assessment of impacts from stormwater runoff in accordance with Minnesota Rules.

E. Where to Submit

Applications signed in accordance with Part III.B of this permit are to be submitted to the Commissioner at the following address:

MS4 Stormwater Program
520 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN 55155-4194

F. Application Record Retention

The applicant shall retain copies of the permit application, all data and information used by the applicant to complete the application, and any additional information requested by the Commissioner during the review of the application, for a period of at least three years beyond the date of permit expiration. This period is automatically extended during the course of an unresolved enforcement action regarding the municipal separate storm sewer system or as requested by the Commissioner.

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