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<!--##[[Infiltration, including bioinfiltration]]-->
<!--##[[Infiltration, including bioinfiltration]]-->
<!--##[[Sand filters]]-->
<!--##[[Sand filters]]
<!--##[[Subsurface gravel wetlands]]-->
##[[Subsurface gravel wetlands]]-->
##[[Iron enhanced sand filter (Minnesota Filter)]]
##[[Iron enhanced sand filter (Minnesota Filter)]]
##[[Stormwater ponds]]
##[[Stormwater ponds]]

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The Table of Contents for the Stormwater Manual is provided below. Click on any section within a chapter to go to the selected topic area. You may also conduct a Search to directly find a topic of interest. Guidance for navigation within this website is provided in a guidance document.

Note this web page contains additional articles not included in the original stormwater manual. These are contained in a section called Other stormwater information.

Minnesota Stormwater Manual

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General Information

  1. Overview of basic stormwater concepts
  2. Stormwater research and education
  3. References for general stormwater information
  4. Minnesota maps

Stormwater treatment concepts

  1. Integrated stormwater management
  2. Using the treatment train approach to BMP selection
  3. Process for selecting Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices

  1. Overview of stormwater BMP principles
  2. Individual Best Management Practices
    1. Pollution prevention
    2. Better site design
    3. Stormwater re-use and rainwater harvesting
    4. Temporary construction erosion and sediment control
    5. Green roofs
    6. Turf
    7. Permeable pavement
    8. Trees
    9. Bioretention
    10. Infiltration trench
    11. Filtration
    12. Iron enhanced sand filter (Minnesota Filter)
    13. Stormwater ponds
    14. Stormwater wetlands
    15. Hydrodynamic devices
    16. Filtration devices
    17. Chemical treatment
  3. Unified sizing criteria

Stormwater modeling, models and calculators, and calculating credits

  1. Introduction to stormwater modeling
  2. Available stormwater models and selecting a model
  3. Overview of stormwater credits
  4. Detailed information on specific models
  5. Calculating stormwater volume and pollutant reductions and credits
  6. What is the pre-development condition


  1. Regulatory information
  2. Additional regulatory information

Minnesota specific issues and information

  1. Cold climate impact on runoff management
  2. Stormwater infiltration and constraints on infiltration
  3. Mosquito control and stormwater management
  4. Managing stormwater sediments
  5. Minnesota plant lists
  6. Special waters and other sensitive receiving waters

Case studies

Checklists and cost sheets

  1. Cost estimate worksheets

Computer-aided design and drafting (CAD/CADD) drawings

  1. CADD images for individual best management practices
  2. Links to .dwg files

References, links and issue papers

  1. References
  2. Links
  3. Issue papers
  4. Stormwater manuals

Other stormwater information

Industrial stormwater

Stormwater program for industrial activity

Acronyms, symbols and glossary

  1. Acronyms
  2. Symbols
  3. Glossary