This page contains information on webinars for the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. Please note that the PowerPoint files may contain links. To make the links live you must be running the Powerpoint slide show.

Information: We are tentatively planning a webinar in April, 2018. The webinar topic will be Constraints to Infiltration. The webinar would focus on reviewing the infiltration constraints included in the Construction Stormwater General permit, discussing each of the constraints (e.g. why, how to identify, etc.), and include examples or case studies.

May 30, 2017 - Bioretention From the Ground Up

The MPCA hosted a live webinar on updates to the MIDS Calculator (Version 3). This webinar focused on bioretention media, bioretention vegetation, and tree-based bioretention. Guest speakers included:

  • Fred Rozumalski, Registered Landscape Architect- Barr Engineering
  • Marcy Bean, Professional Landscape Architect-Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and
  • Mike Isensee-Administrator, Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization


March 15, 2017 - Updates to the Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) Calculator

The MPCA hosted a live webinar on updates to the MIDS Calculator (Version 3). This webinar focused on recent updates to the MIDS Calculator and included example applications and a tour of the supporting information in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. The webinar included the following topics:

  • Using the new underground infiltration BMP
  • Using the updated harvest and use BMP
  • Using the new impervious surface disconnection BMP
  • Several other minor changes will be briefly discussed (see Updates to the MIDS Calculator)


January 25, 2017 - Stormwater Harvest and Use/Reuse

December 15, 2016 - Infiltration Practices

Professional development hours

Attendance at a Stormwater Manual webinar qualifies for Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the Minnesota Board of AELSLAGID. Typically, most webinars are 1.5 hours in length and therefore 1.5 PDH is offered. Look for links to certificates with each qualifying webinar (above).

Note that it is your responsibility to attend the webinar and document your attendance, including downloading the certificate. The MPCA documents people who attended the webinar, including the times they were logged in to the webinar. We cannot document people who have viewed recorded webinars. We provide a form summarizing the justification for offering pdhs. See File:CONTINUING EDUCATION ASSESSMENT FORM - Stormwater Manual webinars.docx